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Installing with Wubi, to facilitate and simplify the discovery of Emmabuntüs from a non-Free platform and widespread. This makes Emmabuntüs but also installable Ubuntu and its derivatives, and uninstalled as a program. Why you put in the same folder your Emmabuntüs 2 ISO downloadable here with the suitable executable Wubi for Emmabuntüs 2, then you run the executable, and let yourself be guided by the installer. To unintall it's even simpler you launch this executable ;) This method eliminates the need to partition the hard drive disk, thus making the handling far less risky.


  • Version of Wubi for Emmabuntüs 2 requires the presence of ISO Emmabuntüs to properly install Emmabuntüs 2. The absence of this ISO will download Xubuntu and not Emmabuntüs 2.

Wubi Emmabuntus lancement.png
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