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Emmabuntüs distributions have been configured to allow optimum use for everyone, but it is obviously impossible because each individual has specific needs, as his own background, its bookmarks in Firefox, etc..

We have chosen to install wallpapers and bookmarks to talk about our commitments without any propaganda from us, and you are FREE to change and delete them. We will not release without it, because we think we did 95% of the work to use of an operating system as fair as possible, and conscious choices of end users. We believe that you too must participate in the work of removing wallpaper, bookmarks, screensaver campaigns against poor housing of the Abbé Pierre Foundation, whom we thank for allowing us to use these pictures. If this does not suit you is that you are not worthy to use our work, and please you are requested to go your way, and go elsewhere if the grass is greener for grazing! !

Against us by our apologies for the presence of a bug in previous versions of distros Emmabuntüs 10.04 and 10.04 Lemmabuntüs that prevents changing the wallpaper, and as no one had reported to us by the community of Emmaus Montpellier, but have not heard back on this issue from them, I had not taken the time to check this thinking it was a false manipulation on their part. When this problem was reported by JC at the last validation tests has been fixed on Emmabuntüs 2 Beta 2.


Change the type of dock

Click the "Help" icon, then click "Change the type of dock"

Select the dock most adapted to your needs, and then click "Submit"

Changing the wallpaper

Select the parameter Manager

Select the Desktop icon

Add a picture to the list

Add the image

Close the Desktop Manager

This is a beautiful tree in the background ;-)

This image comes from the Internet see BosqueTK, and we hope it is copyright-free, because there is no indication in this regard.

If this is a copyright issue, please let us know by emailing us at the address page of contact.

Change the wallpaper on your desktop randomly

Emmabuntüs 2 included XL-Wallpaper a very lightweight wallpapers changer, which allows you to change the wallpaper randomly.

Select Accessories, then click XL-Wallpaper-config

Select the mode change wallpaper

Select the time change wallpaper

Select a folder containing images. On Emmabuntüs 2 all wallpapers is available at : /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops/screen_ubuntu

Select the start mode of XL-Wallpaper

Summary of XL-Wallpaper configuration

Here is an example of images of your new desktop

Change the screen saver

Select the Parameter Manager

Select the screen saver

Screen saver default

The images making up this slideshow are taken from the campaigns against the arrest of poor housing Foundation Abbé Pierre :

  • The photos of the campaign
    • Winter campaign 2010 (Manon and Théo) : FAP – BDDP / Eugenio Recuenco
    • Other visual (12m2 and shadow) : FAP – BDDP / Ronan Merot
  • BDDP Unlimited : Producer of ideas, media and content

(See the online petition on CARTON ROUGE au MAL-LOGEMENT)

We thank members of the Abbé Pierre Foundation for permission to use and the use of these images in our distributions.

Select the "Advanced" Tab

Choose the directory screen_ubuntu or yours

After changing the path to the directory containing the new images

Here is an example of the images contained in your new slide show screen saver

Configure Thunderbird mail reader

Select the mail reader notification icon in communications applications

Configure your email account by entering your email address and password thereof

Delete bookmarks in Firefox

Select the Firefox browser

Select all bookmarks

Menu of bookmarks

Select the Bookmarks Toolbar

Right click delete files

These are bookmarks flew

Remove Favorites in Chromium

Select the browser Chromium

Select bookmark manager

Select all favorites

These are the favorites have soared

Configure add-ons in Firefox

Panel configuration Add-ons

Parental control software. You can disable the parental controls if you have problems with access to certain websites

Antivirus software on the internet followed. You can block cookies traffic analysis, but this can be useful to our blog for example for statistics systems used by visitors

Configure Extensions in Chromium

Select the extensions

Panel extensions
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