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Before installing your new distribution, it is essential to define your user profile :

if the terms of "MBR" launcher "GRUB", Hard Disk "partitioning are totally unknown to you, it is necessary to search your common group of users of GNU/Linux, to help you install your new system on your computer.

Note : Emmabuntüs is particularly well suited for beginners because of its simplicity and the fact that it included many software and drivers that facilitate the immediate use of many devices. The creators of Emmabuntüs use it daily and you are therefore entitled to a real user experience.

If you're not your first test of a GNU/Linux distribution you can install as usual. All modern computers are capable of (Booting) on a USB Flash drive, it is therefore the preferred option for its speed.

Using a USB Key

For users of the following environments :

  • Windows and Linux distributions, you can Create a Bootable USB drive with UNetbootin. Warning, made ​​a backup of your USB key, before starting the transfer of the ISO image on the key, to avoid losing all your data when formatting.
  Using UNetbootin makes you lose the menus launch that exist on the DVD.
  This method starts directly in "Live" mode, the system can then be launched
  from the Live session.

Note 1 : If you use this method it is important to expand the size of the extra space to 256 MB minimum, otherwise you can not start and pass the login screen. The system does not recognize the user, in fact it was not enough space to create the Home directory.

Note 2 : If you use Ubuntu version earlier than 11.04, you can not create the USB bootable under USB-Creator for Emmabuntüs 2 because the ISO formats have changed. To create the USB key, you must do the following operation :

  • uninstall syslinux (version 3.63 and earlier): either as well as synaptic or type on terminal : sudo apt-get remove -y syslinux
  • then reinstall a version of syslinux syslinux-common and more recent view here (version 4.05 is available on our server : syslinux-common 4.05 to be installed first, then syslinux 4.05),
  • ensuite réinstaller usb-creator :

  To implement this method see here.
  It is even possible to start a machine not having the ability to boot from a USB stick
  with a bootable CD that is here.

The Emmabuntüs team support the MultiSystem project, and uses this method for its daily demonstrations.

Find the MultiSystem instructions on Framasoft (in french), developed by the Emmabuntüs team.

Using a DVD

We recommend using the following software :

Remark : whatever software it is very important to drive the minimum speed, and to terminate the writing session.

Using WUBI for Windows

Installing with Wubi, to facilitate and simplify the discovery of Emmabuntüs from a non-Free platform and widespread. This makes Emmabuntüs but also installable Ubuntu and its derivatives, and uninstalled as a program. Why you put in the same folder your Emmabuntüs 2 ISO downloadable here with the suitable executable Wubi for Emmabuntüs 2, then you run the executable, and let yourself be guided by the installer. To unintall it's even simpler you launch this executable ;) This method eliminates the need to partition the hard drive disk, thus making the handling far less risky.


  • Version of Wubi for Emmabuntüs 2 requires the presence of ISO Emmabuntüs to properly install Emmabuntüs 2. The absence of this ISO will download Xubuntu and not Emmabuntüs 2.

Wubi Emmabuntus lancement.png
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