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Installing with Wubi, to facilitate and simplify the discovery of Emmabuntüs from a non-Free platform and widespread. This makes Emmabuntüs but also installable Ubuntu and its derivatives, and uninstalled as a program. Why you put in the same folder your Emmabuntüs 2 ISO downloadable here with the suitable executable Wubi for Emmabuntüs 2, then you run the executable, and let yourself be guided by the installer. To unintall it's even simpler you launch this executable ;) This method eliminates the need to partition the hard drive disk, thus making the handling far less risky.


  • Version of Wubi for Emmabuntüs 2 requires the presence of ISO Emmabuntüs to properly install Emmabuntüs 2. The absence of this ISO will download Xubuntu and not Emmabuntüs 2.

Wubi Emmabuntus lancement.png

Detailed installation procedure

Set the ISO to Emmabuntüs 2 in the same directory as the executable for Wubi Emmabuntüs 2

Launch the executable by double clicking

The following window opens:

Explications interface configuration Wubi.png

Information in the following order this interface:

  1. Select your Language
  2. Select the installation disc. You must have at least 16 GB of this disk to install Emmabuntüs 2
  3. Find the Desktop Environment putting Emmabuntus (last item in this list). If you put another system is one that will be downloaded and installed
  4. Select the size reserved for installing Emmabuntüs distribution. We advise you to take the maximum of 30 GB to install other programs, knowing Emmabuntüs will occupy 10 GB
  5. Enter your user name:
    • Your username must contain only alphanumeric characters (and no accented character)
    • It must not start with a digit
    • It must not contain spaces
    • It must be written entirely in lowercase letters
  6. Enter the same password in the two boxes provided for this purpose
  7. Finish by clicking "Install"

After extact the ISO or to download if you select another distribution based on Ubuntu, the computer asks you to restart, accept the proposal to complete the installation.

Upon reboot you will see two lines at the launch of Windows:

  • The first is to start your Windows as before, and this is the default system
  • The second is to launch Emmabuntüs. Select the second line to complete the installation. When selecting this second line a screen with a countdown of 5 seconds to change settings Emmabuntüs launch, and you should not intervene in this screen

Then install properly spoken of Emmabuntüs 2 begins, and it will last 15 to 30 minutes, then it will at the end of this phase restart the machine again, and select the line in Emmabuntüs launcher for Windows finally be able to use this Linux distribution.

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