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The purpose of this tutorial is to show how integrated documents Free Culture in Emmabuntüs (Books in ePub, Music, and encyclopedias) to have a standalone computer (without internet) to learn using the wealth produced by human knowledge to be shared for all !

Emmabuntüs 2 contains the readers required to use this tutorial:

  • Calibre allows you to read your favorite book, "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" in the public domain. By default, Emmabuntüs embeds three versions of "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" in three languages ​​as well as the bible of OpenStreetMap – « Découvrir la cartographie collaborative », to show the ease of use of this player.

Emmabuntus 2 1 05 fr Calibre.png

  • Clementine is a modern reader of music management. By default, Emmabuntüs included some music in the Clementine and Rhythmbox readers, in order to directly test the devices audio on the computer.

Emmabuntus 2 1 05 fr Clementine reglage son Casque USB.png

  • Kiwix, the reader for Wikipedia always with you, even in the desert ;)

Emmabuntus 2 1 05 fr Kiwix.png

ePub Books

To install our library of Free books in ePub format of books from the public domain in French, English and Spanish from Feedbooks. Download this file: eBook.tar.bz2

  • Copy the zip file and unzip it in your home for example.

  • Open Calibre and click Add Books from directories and sub-directories (a book by book ...)

Calibre installation bibliothèque.png

  • Then select the eBook directory and click Open.

Calibre installation bibliothèque selection repertoire.png

  • Wait for the installation,

Calibre installation bibliothèque installation.png

During installation the question. "Books with identical to those following exist in the database Do you still add titles ?", answer YES, it is that some books are in several languages​​ ;)

Calibre installation bibliothèque installation livres identiques.png

  • Installation Complete

Calibre installation bibliothèque installation terminée.png

Free Music

To install our Free CD collection of music in Ogg (Free format) and MP3 (Format Owner format) from Jamendo, download this file: Music.tar.bz2

  • Copy the zip file and unzip it in your home for example.

  • Open Clementine, then in Tools> Preferences> Music Library tab, click on "Add a new folder ..."

Clémentine Ajout dossier.png

  • Then select the Music folder, and then click Open.

Clémentine selection repertoire.png

  • Installation Complete

Clémentine installation terminée.png

Free Encyclopedia

To install the Encyclopedia Wikipedia offline, we suggest you download the archive outside of the application from this address http mode as peer-to-peer there are not many pairs: Wikipedia in all languages​​

We advise you to take the Non-indexed ZIM files, and after a night for download ;) You need to create the index when you upload this file on Kiwix, and after if you want to replicate the instalation you need to copy the ZIM file and the directory ~/ to the same place on others computers.

  • Copy the zip file and unzip it in your home for example.

  • Then open Kiwix, and then do File > Open File and select the file ZIM.

  • Next to duplicate this installation Kiwix in Home show hidden files (Ctrl+H) and copy the directory entirely on another machine in the same place.


You can find tutorials for installing Emmabuntüs 2 on the following sites:

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