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This page has been created to allow users of Emmabuntüs 2 (12.04) find help to solve any problems. This distribution is based on Xubuntu 12.04, so to solve your any technical problems you will have to identify in which part of the distribution in the problem, see:

  • Xubuntu : see Xfce applications on Wikipedia, and after found support on your local teams below.

Our worldwide network of local community (LoCo) teams provides a strong backbone to the Xubuntu community.

Many of these teams offer free, face-to-face local support, such as one-to-one troubleshooting, group sessions, and presentations about Xubuntu (Xfce). Visit the full list of LoCo teams for more information.

This list is unfortunately incomplete, if you know of other local support, do not hesitate to write us to report from this page.



  • Website:
  • Forums:


  • Forums:


  • IRC:
    • #xubuntu for community support; click here to join using the webchat
    • #xubuntu-devel for development discussion
    • #xubuntu-offtopic for offtopic discussion (not related to support or development)



  • Forums:


  • Forums:


  • Forums:
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