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This distribution is suitable for machines with at least a Pentium 4 with PAE support running at 2.0 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 20GB of free disk space for installation. For use in live mode or in a virtual machine, it is necessary to have at least 1 GB of RAM, for more information on this subject see the F.A.Q.

It has been developped to allow to recondition machines within the Emmaus Communities, more details on this page.

Home Desktop of Emmabuntüs DE (Debian Edition)

See the release announcements

Direct link to download the current version here (~3.6 GB, MD5, SHA1, List of packages)
Direct link to download the current 64-bit version here (~3.6 GB, MD5, SHA1, List of packages)
For older versions see here.


Software credits

I especially want to thank the websites Framasoft and Debian for their admirable work, without which this refurbished PC would not have been possible.

Remark : The Software preceded the following symbols :

  • Etoile+256.png and marked in bold have been added compared to the previous version Emmabuntüs 3
  • Etoile-128.png included remarkable software in this distribution


Icone environnement.png

Etoile-128.png Etoile+256.png Debian 8 « Jessie » sous XFCE: A variant of Debian, using the same basic concepts, can be installed on computers rather old, and with poor hardware.

Etoile-128.png LXDE/OpenBox : Additional environment included in this release to extend the capabilities of reconditioning machines, see its implementation in FAQ

Etoile-128.png Cairo-Dock : Application launch bar animated (or dock, how to Mac OS X) making accessible all the software described below on the desktop

In this version the dock is available in seven languages:

  • English (En)
  • French (Fr)
  • Spanish (Es)
  • Arabic (Ar)
  • German (De)
  • Italian (It)
  • Portuguese (Pt)

Etoile-128.png Boot-repair and OS-Uninstaller  : Simple graphical tools to repair frequent boot problems, and to remove an operating system in 1 click!


Icone communication.png


Etoile-128.png Etoile+256.png Firefox-ESR : Mozilla Firefox ESR

  • Chromium : The free (as free speech) Web browser based on Google Chrome

Extensions included in the browsers

  • Firefox Flash player : is a plugin or a standalone media player using the Flash technique. It's not free, but unfortunately necessary while waiting for the HTML5
  • Freshplayer : is an extension for viewing websites remedial television requires a newer version of Flash, which is not the case with the version shipped in standard Linux. This extension allows you to use the Flash Pepper extension of the Chromium browser.
  • uBlock Origin : is used to filter the content of web pages in order to block certain elements, especially banner ads

Etoile-128.png Blocksi : Finally the parental controls is built into Internet browsers. Remember to configure this extension, and to block access by password ;-)

  • Disconnect : Protects your privacy on the web ;-)

Etoile-128.png Lilo : A french search engine than your searches finance social and environmental projects without any cost, and help Emmabuntüs and our friends !

HTTPS_Everywhere : Its purpose is to automatically make websites use the more secure HTTPS connection instead of HTTP

Mail readers

Etoile-128.png Etoile+256.png Icedove : The Debian version of Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Evolution : The Gnome email client including address book, calendar, portal information

Instant Messaging

  • Pidgin (ex Gaim) : The instant messaging client, multi-protocol
  • Skype : is a proprietary software based on a closed communication protocol, which raises ethical and safety (Skype is banned in French universities) concerns. Free alternatives exist : Jitsi and Empathy.
  • Jitsi : (formerly SIP Communicator) a free and open source multiplatform voice (VoIP), videoconferencing and instant messaging application
  • HexChat : (formerly XChat-WDK) is an IRC client based on XChat

File Transfer

Collaborative work


Icone bureautique.png
  • AbiWord : An excellent lightweight free word processor very effective for beginners
  • Gnumeric : The most excellent spreadsheet of the world Gnome

Etoile-128.png LibreOffice : The truly free Office suite ... including grammar checker LanguageTool

  • Scribus : A desktop publishing (DTP) application
  • Verbiste : To review its french conjugations ;-)
  • Geany : An editor tailored for developers
  • ePDFviewer : A very light file reader PDF

Etoile-128.png Calibre : is e-book reader that organizes, saves and manages e-books, supporting a variety of formats

Etoile-128.png Kiwix : The offline reader Wikipedia


Icone audio.png

Etoile-128.png Clementine : Music player and modern manager of your music library

  • Audacious : An easy to use audio player, but complete for audiophiles
  • gpodder : Podcast aggregator
  • Audacity : A very good and free editor sounds .Wav, .Ogg and .mp3
  • Pulse Audio : cross-platform sound server. Here you may control the volume by application
  • Easytag : A tag editor for audio files offer a simple and concise, especially using the freedb database to retrieve the music news
  • Sound Juicer : Rip your audio CDs freely;-)
  • Sound Converter : is a small program that is designed to easily convert batches of audio files into other formats
  • PulseAudio Equalizer : is a 15 bands graphic equalizer for adjusting the sound of your system
  • Radio Tray : Online radio streaming player


Icone video.png

Etoile-128.png VLC media player (VideoLan Client) : The best solution for watching video broadcast without codec

Etoile-128.png Kaffeine : Media player very complete

  • Cheese : Smile and say « cheese »!
  • WinFF  : Encode easily your videos
  • KDEnLive : is an intuitive and powerful multi-track video editor
  • Transmageddon : Video conversion software which supports many formats
  • Kazam : Software to make screencast, that is to say, capture a video of what is happening on your desktop


Icone photo.png
  • Shotwell : Organizing images designed for Gnome and F-Spot
  • Picasa : Software image management, visualization and organization on the Web, but not so Free :(
  • Fotoxx : A simple software management and photo editing
  • DigiKam : A new generation photo manager

Etoile-128.png Gimp : The king of image editors of the Free World

Etoile-128.png Inkscape : Open Source vector graphics editor


Icone gravure.png
  • Brasero : The Gnome project burner software
  • Xfburn : The burner software included in the environment XFCE
  • gCDEmu : CD/DVD Emulator


Icone loisirs.png
  • HomeBank : Manage your personal finance easily !

Etoile+256.png Ancestris : And what if we create a family tree ?

  • SweetHome3D : Virtual interior design software
  • Stellarium : A planetarium platform for exploring the night sky
  • Celestia : A special astronomy software

Etoile-128.png PlayOnLinux : To install games coming from proprietary OS-blind ;-)

  • SuperTux2 : Super Mario with penguins !!!
  • SuperTuxKart : Tux is back in a "Mario Kart Like" ... or "This is not because it is a Ekart need to deviate"
  • TuxGuitar : Software for creating and playing guitar tablature
  • Belooted : To play cards alone or with friends
  • Dominos : To play dominoes, but you have already guessed !!! (Does not work on a 16/9 screen)

Etoile+256.png Hedgewars : is a free and open-source game in the genre of "turn-based artillery games"


Icone education.png
  • TuxPaint : Drawing learning for the young and those that still believe to be.
  • TuxMath : To learn or to relearn our multiplication tables
  • TuxTyping : Learn to type with the mascot of linux
  • OmniTux : Following edutainment software

Etoile-128.png GCompris : Excellent educational software (2 to 10 years old approx.) with the incorporation GnuChess and GnuCap

  • PySyCache : Mouse usage learning software for kids
  • ChildsPlay : A series of edutainment activities from 3 years old.
  • Mister Patato (KTuberling) : To rediscover Mr. Potato

Etoile-128.png OOo4Kids : Finally an adapted office tool for students and children!

Etoile-128.png Extensions included in OOo4Kids to allow oral reading of words, sentences (PicoSvoxOOo), the grammar checker Grammalecte, and coloring syllables (LireCouleur) to better help children to learn to read

Etoile-128.png Scratch  : is a free visual programming language, used by students, scholars, teachers, and parents to easily create animations


Icone utilitaire.png

Etoile-128.png HPLIP : HP printers drivers

  • Drivers Canon : Professional drivers for Canon printers
  • pyRenamer : To easily rename a file, without using the horrible Linux command line !!!
  • Gnome-search-tool : It helps you recover your lost files

Etoile-128.png Wine : The famous non-Window emulators ...

  • ARandR : Tool to manage the display settings of your screens
  • Caffeine : to disable the screensaver while watching a movie.

Etoile-128.png Svox Pico speech synthesizer in 5 languages ​​(Fr, En, Es, It, De) associated with gSpeech allow for easy reading-speech document


Icone maintenance.png

Etoile-128.png Etoile+256.png HandySoft : as new software center

Etoile-128.png Etoile+256.png HandyUpdateChecker : as software update manager

Etoile+256.png HandyTri  : to sort out the files (documents, images etc …) for example in the Download folder

Etoile+256.png BleachBit : System management and cleaning software

Etoile-128.png MultiSystem : With MultiSystem, simply create your MultiBoot LiveUSB

  • Sysinfo : Some info on your system: CPU, RAM, peripherals, etc.
  • Htop : System Monitor with interface
  • Gparted : To partition your disks
  • Déjà Dup : Very simple backup utility. It aims to hide the complexities relating to the proper way to make backup copies (encryption, backups or local network, frequency of taking backups)

Etoile-128.png TeamViewer : Non-free software for viewing and controlling a remote computer via Internet

Etoile+256.png MintLocal : utility to handle the language installations, from the Linux Mint distribution

  • Gufw : GUI for configuring the firewall installed by default in Ubuntu: UFW

Etoile+256.png Systemback : To allow the system to be backed up

Etoile+256.png Baobab : To analyze the usage status of your hard disks

Etoile+256.png Mint Stick : Simply format your USB flash drives under GNU/Linux

Remark : Descriptions of the above software comes from the following sites :


I also want to thank the artists for their wonderful work, and many elements, artworks that are reproduced here or included on the DVD distribution.

See details on the French version


I want to thank for their support, their aid, and encouragement all members of the Collective Emmabuntüs, without whom this adventure would not have been possible.

See details on the French version

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