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Emmabuntüs, an all-in-one GNU/Linux distribution

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This distribution was designed to facilitate the refurbishing of computers given to humanitarian organizations, especially Emmaüs communities, where the name comes from, and to promote the discovery of GNU/Linux by beginners, but also to extend the life of the equipment and to reduce waste caused by over- consumption of raw materials.

Emmabuntüs is used to re-use computers by the following associations and organizations: PC de L'Espoir, Trira (TRI Rhône-Alpes), THOT (c.i.s), Ailleurs Solidaires, l’EPN de Durbuy (Belgium), Eisenia, see the full list.

Emmabuntüs is running in 13 training centers in Togo, on computers installed by YovoTogo and JUMP Lab'Orione (The march of the YovoTogo children toward the digital age), in 2 centers in Nepal on computers installed by Ailleurs-Solidaires et CaLviX (Emmabuntüs, the Linux for « Ailleurs Solidaires »), and within 17 nursery schools located the "Ile-de-France" area.

Dear users !
All documents on our sites are first written in French, and translated into other languages: English, Español

Emmabuntüs and the associative network …

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And especially our collaboration with the Jerry - Do It Together project. Jerry is an open source hardware project that is fully up-cycled and very low-cost. It gives a new life to computer components that would otherwise go in the trash. About a year ago this project chose Emmabuntüs as a favourite distribution on the Jerry desktop version, and the JerryClan Ivory Coast work and create: JerryTub for the monitoring patients of tuberculosis, m-Pregancy for the monitoring of pregnancies and pregnant women, and OpenDjeliba a collaborative platform participatory citizens' information production by SMS from basic mobile phones.

Emmabuntüs is used in the project JerryCyber developed by Ayiyikoh Incubator. This project will provide access to computers and internet to the public and members of the FabLab.


Emmabuntüs cooperate with the free movement to serve the youth and reduce the disabilities in Togo …

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Together with our friends of YovoTogo, JUMP Lab'Orione, Roberto Postelmans of the Humanitarian Prosthetists and Orthotists (HP&O) association, François Fabre of OpenHardware, Caroline Grellier of Termatière, and David Rochelet of the DouaLab, the Emmabuntüs collective participate in the implementation of the new digital center, composed with both the JUMP Lab’Orione FabLab and the HP&O OrthoLab, and located in the Togo Savannah region.

This FabLab-OrthoLab will be dedicated to the social innovation, by using responsible digital technologies, and local sustainable development.

On-site, an activity based on additive 3D printing technology, running with free software, will notably allow the manufacturing of prosthesis for persons in disabilities.

Our goals are :

  • Manufacture prosthesis with 3D printers, for the disabled children of the Don Orione Center of Bombouaka, which is supported since more than 6 years by the YovoTogo association ;
  • Enable young people of this region and particularly in the C.R.E.T.F.P. (Centre Régional d'Enseignement Technique et de Formation Professionnelle) of Dapaong, which is hosting the FabLab-OrthoLab, to have access to new technologies ;
  • Innovate in the field of the additive design using powerful 3D printers, affordable in Africa and using only solutions based on free software.

If you want to support us, you can participate in our participatory fund-raising campaign for the implementation of the Dapaong FabLab-OrthoLab where you will find all the explanations concerning our project.

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Vidéo : Visit of the computer workshops implemented in Togo by the YovoTogo, JUMP Lab'Orione, and Emmabuntüs organizations

Emmabuntüs is more than a GNU/Linux distribution …


The Emmabuntüs collective involvement for solidarity actions is very well known.

Several schools and associations benefit already from refurbished computers. But we want to help them more directly.

Lilo is a search engine which funds funds social and environmental projects. It involves the user who earns a drop of water for each search request. The user then chooses the project he wishes to contribute to, by allocating to it the drops of water collected on the site. Lilo, in turn, transforms the total number of drops of water into grant for the project. The projects proposed to the users are initially selected by the Lilo community. Every week, a new project moves into the funding process.

And two main factors triggered this decision :

  • the actions taken by the search engine to respect the privacy of the web users;
  • the redistribution to some associations of more than 50% of the advertising incomes.

These sums will be entirely given back to our partners below, in order to support their humanitarian and environmental projects:

  • YovoTogo & JUMP Lab'Orione to further develop computer training classes in the Savannah region of North Togo. The money received will be used to buy video-projectors to equip the 4 first training classes within 4 high-schools and to buy flat screens in the course of the 2017 campaign, during which 150 additional computers running Emmabuntüs will be sent, in the September time frame.
  • Montpel'libre, is a “Free Software Users Group” in the Montpellier area, which conducts free software awareness workshops in this region, and in particular within the Emmaüs community of Montpellier. Montpel'libre wishes to open rooms for training, awareness and initiation to learn and use tools and free software. Training rooms for teaching the Scratch programing language, for initiation on, and development with, open source tools and hardware, for talking about the hardware and software planned obsolescence, by raising awareness on how to replace defective hardware parts by recycling others, or running Jerry Parties, and also substitute incumbent software by free operating systems and applications. And finally start addressing the Green IT question.

This is currently a short list, but we hope to be able soon to extend it to other partners, thanks to your growing participation on the Lilo platform.

If you want to try Lilo, while giving your drops to Emmabuntüs, without installing any extension in your Internet browser, you can use this link: lilo.emmabuntus.org.

Video Emmabuntus Lilo.jpg
Video: Lilo introduces Emmabuntüs (Subtitles : FR EN ES DE IT PT RU EO NE ID)
To select a subtitle language, please click on the gearwheel located at the bottom right of the window and pick the language you want.

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