December 8th, 2012, the Emmabuntüs 2 celebrates Al-Jerry

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December 8th, 2012, the Emmabuntüs 2
celebrates l'Al-Jerry ;-)

Logo Jerry Algerie.jpg

The Collective Emmabuntüs is pleased to announce the release on December 8th, 2012, the second maintenance release of Emmabuntüs 2 1.03 based on Xubuntu 12.04.1. This distro was designed to facilitate the refurbishing of computers given to human help associations, especially Emmaüs communities (where the name comes from) and to promote the discovery of Linux and GNU by beginners, but also to extend the life of the equipments and to reduce waste caused by over-consumption of raw materials (*). This thousandth Linux distro is intended to be sleek, accessible and equitable.

This update comes to fix some bugs identified during the first migration of one EPN to Emmabuntüs, but also offers a version on top for the first journey of Jerry Clan to Algeria to co-construct Jerry babies in schools computers.

Jerry Emmabuntus2 Salon Meslin cc Infothema.jpg

The Emmabuntüs group collaborates with JerryClan since our (supprimé) meeting by chance at the First Free Saturday on August 2012. We participated with them in OpenBidouilleCamp and OpenWorldForum. Now our collaboration extends to the promotion and improvement of our respective work by our two Teams at events. Emmabuntüs 2 was chosen by the JerryClan to boost the desktop version of Jerry.

For this version 1.03, the following fixes and improvements have been made :

  • Corrections launchers to install Linux Mint Flash and Microsoft fonts at the end of the installation

  • Adding the correct version 0.9rc1 Kiwix

  • Updated packages for Xubuntu 12.04.1, codecs and extensions contained in web browsers (Firefox, Chromium), Thunderbird mail reader.

  • Adding softwares in the field of video production: KDEnLive, Arista, recordMyDesktop, to simplify the holiday videos, but you will need more powerful machines than the Athlon 1700XP without having to buy model recents.

  • Adding Inkscape to make beautiful greeting cards, it could be useful in this holiday season

  • Simplification of change wallpaper

  • Dock launch with a choice of profiles during the first boot after installation, or Live mode. To put the dock in another profile, see here

  • Added help using our wiki, accessible in the dock in the Help category, without to have recourse to internet.

  • Adding utility ArandR to simplify the use of the management of multi-screen, it can be useful in case of presentation ;-)

Emmabuntus2 ROUMICS 2012 cc ANIS 960x720.jpg

This version will be available on December 8th, 2012, from our homepage:,
but also from, and also Linuxtracker.

We encourage you to give your old computers to charities after having migrated under Emmabuntüs or another Free ditribution of your choice, to make people happy who can not afford the latest touch pad that starts faster than his shadow and will be exceeded in less time !!!!

Happy Holidays to all, Freedom ;-)

Here are some links to install and to use this distro:
List of applications, Installation, Personalization, but also the traditional F.A.Q

If you have any troubles or remarks,
You can contact us on : contact

Note :

According to the ADEME from manufacturing to disposal, through its use, each stage of the life of the computer equipment can be quantified by its environmental impact: making a computer screen and requires 1.8 tons of resources (240 kg of fossil fuels, 22 kg of chemicals, 1500 liters of water).

For the group Ecoinfo priority is to act. Each member of the group does it by himself (purchase, maintenance, development of networks), but each of us can also contribute by his behavior. Their conclusion: " if it is already possible to intervene to all stages of the cycle of hardware, the most effective action you could have is to limit the environmental impact of these materials by reducing your purchases and increasing their life ! ".

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