YovoTogo Diary 2017-3

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Friday October 20, 2017

On today’s agenda, we plan to visit three out of the seven training rooms which have been implemented until last year. We start with the one in the Bombouaka high school, then those of Tandjouaré and finally those of Nano. Generally the attendance rate as well as the equipment follow up are satisfactory. New USB keys containing the new version of the Operating System will be given to the JUMP Lab’Orione members in charge of the maintenance and sustainability of the project.

During the following days, we will inaugurate six new training rooms, bringing to 13 the total number of installed rooms. Around noon we go at the house of Rotary Club members Arsène and Martine, to share an excellent lunch, and some fresh drinks well-deserved under this hot temperature. Afternoon we are invited by the Tandjouaré-Dapaong RC to the delivery ceremony of the solar panel installation within the Tampialim high school, near the Ghana boarder. It is a GD project of the Quebec RC. Spectacular welcome by a traditional folk group featuring around 80 women all dressed in white.

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YovoTogo Diary 2017-2

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Tuesday October 17, 2017

Intense and very busy day : in the morning visit to the children, then to the youth, all ready to go to school or college. It is a very special time when each face regains its name. We share some news and meet up again with Joseph the maintenance man and Richard the driver.

At nine o’clock in the morning, we are hosted by the Rotary Club of Tandjouaré Dapaong, to attend the yearly visit of their 209177-2018 Governor, the Nigerian doctor Ari Toubo IBRAHIMA.

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YovoTogo Diary 2017-1

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Between October 14th and November 4th, three members of the YovoTogo association stayed at the Saint Louis Orione Center of Bombouaka, a place nicknamed « forgotten hearts heaven ».

As often as possible, and depending on the availability of a decent Internet Connexion, they shared with us pictures and comments around the key points of their day-to-day activities. Hereafter their breathless diary.

Sunday October 15, 2017

This morning we went to Agbodrafo to meet with Elias (Ubuntu Elico Emmabuntus) a huge fan of the free software, with whom we communicate since more than one year. He has his own mobile phone and computer maintenance shop as well as a cyberspace featuring 7 computers. He leads a group of village youth, and their dream is to start a FabLab.

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EmmaDE-2 La version Stretch

9 octobre 2017 Commentaires fermés

Le Collectif Emmabuntüs est heureux d’annoncer la sortie pour le 2 octobre 2017, de la nouvelle Emmabuntüs Debian Édition 2 1.00 (32 et 64 bits) basée sur la Debian 9.1 Stretch et XFCE.

Cette distribution a été conçue pour faciliter le reconditionnement des ordinateurs donnés aux associations humanitaires, notamment, à l’origine, aux communautés Emmaüs (d’où son nom), afin de favoriser la découverte de GNU/Linux par les débutants, et de prolonger ainsi la durée de vie du matériel, et finalement de limiter le gaspillage lié à la surconsommation de matières première.

Cette mise à jour est publiée pour faciliter encore davantage le travail de reconditionnement des associations qui utilisent Emmabuntüs, et de nos amis des JerryClan de France et d’Afrique. Pour plus d’informations sur ces activités présentes et futures, vous pourrez lire notre billet de blog de rentrée, et vous reporter à cette interview qui fait le bilan de 5 années d’existence de notre collectif.

Image de la vidéo de présentation faite par le moteur de recherche alternatif et solidaire Lilo, qui finance des projets sociaux et environnementaux

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Das neue Jahr des Kollektivs Emmabuntüs und unserer Freunde hat angefangen!

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Zu Beginn dieses neuen Jahres freuen wir uns darauf, Ihnen anzukündigen, dass die alternative Suchmaschine Lilo, die die Finanzierung von Umwelt- und Sozialprojekten unterstützt, ein sehr schönes Vorstellungsvideo über unsere solidarischen Handlungen und die von unseren Freunden in Frankreich, in Afrika und auch in Nepal erstellt hat. Im Rahmen der Hilfe zur Erziehung bestehen diese Handlungen aus der Wiederverwendung von Computern dank dem GNU/Linux Betriebssystem. Dieses Video wird am 12. September 2017 veröffentlicht werden. Vielen Dank an das ganze Lilo Team !

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2017-09 Emmabuntus collective is back to work

28 septembre 2017 Commentaires fermés

The activity of our Emmabuntüs collective is restarting after the French summer vacations and this is the right time-frame to tell you that the Lilo alternative search engine, which helps financing humanitarian and environment friendly projects, just achieved a nice video clip presenting our actions, together with those of our solidarity friends, in the frame of the computer reuse and the education in France, in Africa and also in Nepal, thanks to the availability of the GNU/Linux operating system !

A big thank to the whole Lilo team for making this very nice video clip, that we will release on September 12, 2017.

Screen capture of the Lilo video :
« The LILO search engine presents EMMABUNTÜS »

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La rentrée du collectif Emmabuntüs et de nos amis !

6 septembre 2017 Commentaires fermés

Dans le cadre de la rentrée de nos activités cette année, nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer que le moteur de recherche alternatif Lilo, qui aide au financement des projets sociaux et environnementaux, vient de réaliser une très belle vidéo de présentation de nos actions et de celles de nos amis pour la solidarité dans le cadre du réemploi informatique et de l’éducation en France, en Afrique, et aussi au Népal, grâce à l’utilisation du système d’exploitation GNU/Linux !

 Un grand merci à toute l’équipe de Lilo pour leur très belle vidéo, que nous diffuserons le 12 septembre 2017.

Vidéo de présentation des actions d’Emmabuntüs et de nos amis par Lilo

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Dynamics of the Free World in Ivory Coast

30 juin 2017 Commentaires fermés

Here we are once again, plunged into the very heart of the Ivory Coast bright youth actions.@yiyikoh, Ovillage, JerryClan of Ivory Coast, etc, are some of the sites and projects established by young and very ambitious Ivorians, with the goal – among others – to promote the free software, to create platforms aiming for solidarity and mutual support among young entrepreneurs, and to make the entire world aware of their projects.

Along the same vein, the JMSI (the French acronym for National Day for Computer Maintenance and Security) was organized in 2016, by the same dynamic young people. This National Day was created with the goal to promote new technologies, and more specifically those concerning the electronic field as well as the computer maintenance and security. The first instance of this gathering, hold last year, was a great success, with the attendance of numerous pros in the maintenance field, and computer experts who shared their experiences and visions with the audience.

Family photo with the maintenance challenge winners, during JMSI first edition.

The organizers achieved the outstanding performance to train more than one hundred young people in the computer maintenance and security field. In addition, and in support of a local school, they set-up a message server, using recycled electronic components, and running under the Emmabuntüs operating system.

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A Distro For All Seasons

1 novembre 2016 Commentaires fermés

In its September 2016 edition, the Linux Format English magazine published a long interview of our Emmabuntüs collective, conducted by their journalist Jonni Bidwell.

The paper begins with a brief history of the first voluntary actions made by Patrick at Emmaüs community of Neuilly-Plaisance, and the first traveling companions who started the Emmabuntüs collective adventure.

Next comes the definition of the three fundamental axis of our involvement are clearly explain :

  • develop a distribution easy to install on aging computers;

  • help humanitarian communities to perform these installations and then diffuse the Libre Software ideals among the newbies;

  • and doing so, dramatically reduce the amount of electronic waste on our planet.

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Une distro pour l’éternité !

31 octobre 2016 Commentaires fermés

Dans son édition de Septembre 2016 la revue anglaise Linux Format publie une longue interview du collectif Emmabuntüs conduite par leur journaliste Jonni Bidwell.

L’article débute avec un historique rapide des premières actions de Patrick bénévole à la Communauté Emmaüs de Neuilly-Plaisance, et les premiers compagnons de route qui ont démarré l’aventure du collectif Emmabuntüs.

 Puis la définition de ses trois grands axes d’engagements est clairement explicitée :

  • développer une distribution facile à installer rapidement sur de vieilles machines ;
  • aider les communautés humanitaires à faire ces installations, puis à diffuser les idéaux du logiciel libre aux débutants ;
  • et ce-faisant, réduire notablement le gaspillage électronique sur notre planète.

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