Jerry and the women

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In their infinite wisdom blessed with divine inspiration, the ancients were very right when saying that “union is strength” and that “you cannot wrap up a package with only one hand”. Since one year, these two sayings earned a place and enabled great accomplishments in the biggest urban commune of Abidjan, called Yopougon. This is where young and dynamic Ivorians, who fully understood the meaning and value of the team work, stepped forward to answer their nation’s call and the cry of distress of the youth, by saying “Ayiyikoh” ! (Let’s team together !) to develop their commune, their country, and to increase Africa’s influence across the world.

Ayiyikoh Business Incubator [Fr] aims to be a mutual assistance and solidarity platform for young entrepreneurs active in different fields, for developers in the new technologies, and also for unemployed people to stimulate their desires to work and display some potential interesting future. Their deep enterprising drive as well as the desire to share their knowledge, led the Incubator young users and the Ayiyikoh FabLab to start a common project in order, not only to give them a little economical stability to secure the FabLab survival, but above all to initiate children and adults to the computer tools and teach them all the opportunities available on Internet. A very laudable project which encompass the social, educational and even environmental fields, since the young people – having our planet at heart – decided to use recycled computer hardwares and an operating system based on Libre software to realize the project called Cyber Jerry [Fr] which started in October 10th 2015.

Jerry cyber

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Support Committee for Cellou Diallo against his deportation

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Cellou Diallo, coming from Guinea, is very well known in the OpenStreetMap and Drupal communities. He was arrested on Monday May 23rd 2016. Then brought before the Administrative Coout of Montpellier on Thursday May 26th at 10:30 AM for a deportation procedure (Obligation to leave the French territory).

The Support Committee for @celdiallo started to form on Twitter (#pourcellou) against his deportation.

Cellou has arrived in France during year 2011 for an internship at the IFREMER Institute center based in Sète. As an opponent to the government in place, he was persecuted and forced to leave his country. Since his arrival in France, his whole family has been decimated by the Ebola virus epidemic cracking down in Guinea during year 2015.


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Emmabuntüs revives obsolete PC’s

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What to do with our massive ever growing electronic wastes ? A community – teaming up with the organization Emmaüs decided to attack this important and topical problem. Noting that the old machines recycling process was far to be satisfying, when at the same time some class of the population could not get access to the digital world, surely, something needed to be done.

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September 1st 2014 Emmabuntüs 3 celebrate Festival of Humanity

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The Emmabuntüs Team is pleased to announce for September 1st 2014, the new Emmabuntüs 3 release 1.00 based on Xubuntu 14.04.1.

We continues on our goals:

  • Facilitate the work of reconditioning the computers given to humanitarian associations

  • Continue to collaborate with Emmaüs communities

  • Promote the discovery of GNU/Linux by beginners

  • Limit the electronic devices wastage to reduce the over consumption of raw materials

  • Continue to collaborate with our friends from “JerryClan” in France and Africa (Ivory Coast, Togo, Cameroon, Chad, Benin and Senegal) who develop locally innovative uses


Picture: Jerry Do It Together Abbé Pierre on Emmaüs de Montpellier Saint-Aunès Community

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Emmabuntüs : « On a vraiment tout »

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Notre ami Mayank Sharma vient de publier une présentation d’Emmabuntüs sous le titre « Emmabuntüs : On a vraiment tout » dans un article consacré aux dérivées d’Ubuntu dans le magazine Anglais LinuxVoice.


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DISTROHOPPER : Emmabuntüs Linux for Humanitarians

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LinuxVoice Emmabuntus Tittle.png


The English LinuxVoice magazine  made an article about Emmabuntüs on the second edition of 27 March 2014.
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Première publication d’Emmabuntüs dans la presse Anglaise

16 avril 2014 Commentaires fermés

 Le magazine Anglais LinuxVoice présente Emmabuntüs dans son deuxième numéro du 27 mars 2014.

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Emmabuntüs : They talk about

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Cet article est la version anglaise de l’article « Emmabuntüs : Ils en parlent » afin de recenser les sites en langue anglaise qui parlent de nos actions.

For those who do not yet know Emmabuntüs distributions, we have made this article, on the advice of Jean-Marie, to identify the speaking notes of our distros. I especially want to thank him for having had this great idea. But when I read the comment from kowari, it made me very happy to see our work was also appreciated outside France.

We also wish to thank everyone who took the time to have taken a ticket, or an article on our work.

This article attempts to identify the articles talking about our work, but if you find an omission on our part, please let us know by visiting the contact page.


View similar articles on our blog for reviews in other languages:

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Emmabuntüs 2 1.02 en vidéo

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Dans les systèmes d’exploitations gratuits Linux, en voici un pas très connu. Emmabuntüs 2 pour les PC avec une faible capacité.


Par overpowed ( voir Chaîne overpowed )
Le 26/09/2012


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Emmabuntüs on the Software Freedom Day

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Gordon our collective member of the English section, has introduced for the first time an installation of Emmabuntüs on the Herefordshire Software Freedom Day.

Thank you for participating, and this picture which show that free is even back in the churches in England, but what about France ;-)